Wednesday 19 January 2011

Poltergeist (Music Video Directed By Prano Bailey-Bond-2010)

Poltergeist hits you like a sinister slap in the face. So effortlessly energetic and vibrant a music video it takes a few views for the adrenalin to wear off and the film to actually sink in. The simple and effective story of one girl's attempts to escape herself on her walk home one night (only to be confronted by a rather personal evil at her every turn) is set to a memorably creepy yet fairly minimal piece of music composed by Ash Sargant and Robert Housden. A sort of horror Trip-Hop mash up of heavy bass and repetitive growls, and a tune that lingers in the mind long after the video has ended. The combination of erratic beats and claustrophobic imagery combine here to make the perfect urban nightmare, the gorgeous glow of street lamps smother the rural streets of London with all the colours of the night. Brilliantly unique in its boldness, Poltergeist squeezes so much into its four minutes running time (musically and visually)that there's hardly a pause for breath! As each character is introduced the tension heightens greatly and a different sprinkling of cheeky black humour is found at every corner. Director Prano Bailey-Bond also appears as not one, not two, but every character in the film! And playing out such a confident and varied display of performances you wonder how she finds time to sleep! Original, exciting and downright weird. Here's the video.

(Oh and keep a lookout for Prano's spider logo)

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